About Us

Learn about what makes MSH unique!

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Our Origin Story

MSH Studios was founded by Sean Vayser, who had began his freelance web development career while in high school. Eventually, the workload became too much for one person to handle so Sean began expanding his operations by hiring additional designers, developers, and programmers. This led to the formation of MSH Studios: a forward-thinking and results-driven web design agency that strives to deliver captivating, engaging, and user-friendly websites that help businesses accomplish their goals.

MSH Today

MSH has evolved from a one-man freelance web design gig to a full-service digital agency that utilizes a global talent pool while still maintaining our original goal. We're now a fully distributed remote digital agency that offers web design, SEO, logo design, hosting, and so many other services. We've adapted to today's increasingly digital world by expanding the array of services we offer in order to fully encompass all of our clients' digital needs. We also offer several advantages as a fully remote agency, such as the ability to work faster, leaner, and for cheaper than our competitors.
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Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to leave a lasting positive impact on each one of our clients by helping them achieve their goals. We know we've succeeded only once our clients succeed.

Transparency & Trust

We build all of our client relationships on a foundation of transparency & trust

Customer Satisfaction & Success

Our primary objective is the satisfaction & success of our clients

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & innovation drives us to deliver better and unique solutions to our customers