Promotion Terms for Free Custom Mockup Offer

The terms & conditions listed below apply to MSH Studio’s Free Custom Homepage Promotion.

1. Introduction

This promotion allows participants to receive a Free Custom Mockup of their prospective website, subject to the terms specified below. Participation signifies agreement to these terms.


2. The Offer

Participants will receive a free mockup of their new website.

There is no cost or obligation to continue with our services post-receiving the mockup.


3. Process Overview

Initial Contact: Starts by filling our contact form.

Following this, a detailed conversation occurs to gauge project scope, objectives, and functional needs.

Proposal Dispatch: Post discussion, participants receive a proposal detailing the project’s scope, timeline, and cost.

The free mockup offer proceeds only if the participant agrees to the proposal’s scope and budget. No formal agreements or payments are made at this point.

Website Vision: A comprehensive questionnaire is provided to the participant to capture the envisioned website design, including preferences in visuals, fonts, colors, and inspiration from other sites.

Mockup Delivery: Upon completing the questionnaire, participants receive their custom mockup. This preliminary draft serves as a starting point, and should we proceed, modifications can be made to align with the participant’s vision.

Finalizing the Agreement: If the mockup aligns with the participant’s vision, a contract reflecting the terms in the initial proposal is signed to commence the project.


4. Eligibility for the Free Mockup

The free mockup is exclusive to qualified prospects.

Eligibility is determined based on the project’s scope and budget, ensuring alignment with our pricing and capabilities.

We retain the discretion to decline the Free Mockup offer to any project.


5. What the Mockup Entails

The mockup represents a visual draft of the prospective website’s homepage.

Multiple mockup versions may be presented for selection.

The mockup is a preliminary representation and is subject to revisions upon mutual agreement.


6. Post-Mockup Scenarios

Acceptance: If satisfied with the mockup, participants can move forward to formalize the collaboration.

Rejection: If the mockup doesn’t meet expectations, participants owe nothing and can opt to not proceed. However, they cannot use the provided mockup without adequate compensation.


7. Rights & Restrictions

All mockup designs remain our intellectual property unless purchased by participant.

Participants cannot legally use the provided mockup for their website or any other purpose without due compensation.


8. Final Note

While we strive to craft designs that captivate, it’s acknowledged that our style might not align with everyone’s vision. If the mockup isn’t a fit, we understand and wish participants the best in finding their ideal design partner.

Participation in this promotion implies acceptance of all these terms. We thank you for considering our services and hope to deliver a design that resonates with your vision.

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